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Somniare (Somniare #1) by D.T. Dyllin


Somniare (Somniare #1)Somniare by D.T. Dyllin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Remy Novem is a witch and when she is murdered she doesn’t die but finds herself trapped in Somniare. Somniare is a dream landscape made up of the dreams and nightmares of the humans. Trapped Remy needs to find a human to help her escape the nightmares that surround her and find out just what happened as she has no memory of her death.

Somniare was a fun and creative fantasy read with great world building. The realm that the story takes place in is made up of dreams which can be anything from new creatures and things you wouldn’t think of but also things that would be of nightmares that we all know such as zombies or even characters such as Freddy from the Nightmare on Elm St movies.

Along with Remy being a witch and practicing magic the story also brings Fae into the plot. The Fae and witches don’t get along at all and Remy immediately runs into one while in Somniare. Then Remy also meets her familiar in the dreamscape who is both male and female that can change shapes and do a bit of magic too.

Overall, this was a great start to this series that ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, would definitely be interested in seeing where the author heads in the next installment.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena


The Couple Next DoorThe Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Anne and Marco Conti are going through the unthinkable for any parent. Invited to a party at the next door neighbor’s their babysitter cancels at the last moment so Marco convinces Anne that they can take the baby monitor and periodically check in on the baby and all will be fine. Unfortunately at the end of the night a little after 1am the Conti’s return home to find their baby daughter Cora missing from her crib.

Told from the different POV’s throughout the read The Couple Next Door is an intense read as the secrets and lies of that horrible night are uncovered. Definitely a page turning thriller that I was completely hooked on until the very last page waiting to find out just what had happened to little Cora and who had been behind it all.

I started off this one thinking fairly early on that the ending was going to be an obvious one but boy am I always glad when I’m wrong and the twists and turns keep coming. Anne and Marco are a compelling couple as you read about all it is that the pair have to hide in their lives and how the night in question came about.

Overall, a great psychological thrill ride that will have you guessing all along the way.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Curious Minds (Knight and Moon, #1) by Janet Evanovich


Curious Minds (Knight and Moon, #1)Curious Minds by Janet Evanovich
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Riley Moon has just graduated from Harvard Business and Harvard Law and started what she thought was going to be her dream job, that is until she ends up working with Emerson Knight. Emerson is rather introverted and eccentric and when he’s denied the chance of actually seeing the gold that Riley’s bank is storing for him he inquires about some missing funds and a disappearance and decides he needs Riley to assist him in an investigation.

Well, “crap on a cracker” I didn’t expect this one to be as funny as it was but Curious Minds was an absolutely hilarious read from start to finish for me. As soon as Riley and Emerson teamed up I just couldn’t stop laughing, mostly at Emerson. But I rather enjoyed both characters as they ventured on their journey.

Riley is supposed to be a graduate from Harvard but reminds me a bit more of the Elle Woods (Legally Blonde) version of a Harvard graduate, more concerned with her outfit and how she looks than actual business going on. Emerson is one of those socially awkward but incredibly smart characters that will have you laughing.

The plot to the book though could often seem a bit far fetched when it comes to a mystery/thriller read. Perhaps it was just finding the characters quite humorous that I would often think of the bad guys in here twirling mustaches and giving their evil villain laugh and things seeming a bit too over the top. But regardless I still enjoyed the story due to liking the main characters.

Overall, a more humorous mystery/thriller read. The humor is what really made me enjoy the story more than the plot.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Boxed Set: The Clockwork Siren Series, Adventures 1-3 by Katie Hayoz


Boxed Set: The Clockwork Siren Series, Adventures 1-3Boxed Set: The Clockwork Siren Series, Adventures 1-3 by Katie Hayoz
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Melusine Doré has spent her life hunting down and killing monsters for a living. Her biggest competition is Levi Cannon who’s family is well off so Melusine resents him for taking away jobs from her that she needs to survive. When the two are forced to team up to hunt a sea creature they can’t help but end up attracted to each other. Unfortunately for Melusine she has been cursed when it comes to love.

All three books of the Clockwork Siren Series in a boxed set. The three novellas are Immersed, Submerged, and Surfaced. Each continue the story on from where the last had ended and each get a bit more intense.

Katie Hayoz has done a wonderful job with this story and bringing all the different elements of it to life. There was just so many different things going on that a part of me thought this story would probably fail miserably but I ended up thoroughly enjoying it. Chicago was turned into the fantasy/steampunk land with monsters and machines. The characters were given enough attention to their back stories that you really care about them and their relationship.

Great fast paced read with a mixture of a lot of different elements.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Untethered by Katie Hayoz


UntetheredUntethered by Katie Hayoz
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sylvie is tired of all the doctors and tests that her parents insist on trying to figure out what is going on with her. For years Sylvie has had moments of passing out in which she leaves her body but no one has believed her and they think it’s a medical condition. Once Sylvie learns of astral projection she makes it her mission to learn to control what is happening to her.

Sylvie’s best friend since childhood, Cassie, blossomed over the summer and now has the attention of all the boys in school, even Kevin, the boy Sylvie has had a crush on forever. Jealousy brings Sylvie to take her astral projection to a new level but she has yet to learn of the dangers that could await her.

Untethered touches on a topic that you don’t see too often, astral projection, the ability to leave ones body and explore while the body remains in an unconscious state. A rather fast paced read with an underlying message about learning self-acceptance and touching on the meaning of friendship.

The main character Sylvie is also not without her flaws which the story is based around, she’s quite shy, jealous, insecure and just generally has low self esteem. I loved the idea behind the story but went back and forth on the characters in here as they all have their moments that anyone might become irritated at their actions.

Overall, even though I had my moments of doubt with liking the actions or characters here and there in the end I enjoyed this read.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

The Best Friend Bargain by Robin Bielman


The Best Friend BargainThe Best Friend Bargain by Robin Bielman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Olivia Lincoln had gone overseas and met the man of her dreams, unfortunately for Olivia when she finds out that she’s pregnant the dream comes to an end. Olivia comes up with a plan to sort out her situation by returning to the states and proposing to her best friend Danny. Danny had no plans for marriage and a family in his future so can Olivia convince Danny that her scheme will benefit them both?

The Best Friend Bargain was a cute story about a pair of friends who had always been there for one another that come up with a plan to benefit them both with a side of attraction. Both were likable characters and while their reasons for going on with the plan might not make a lot of sense to some it worked for them and they were able to grow the relationship into something a bit more.

During this story parts of it were Olivia and Danny chatting back and forth through messages where they would gather their courage to do the flirting and say the things they couldn’t say to each other when together which really fits with today’s online society. I couldn’t help but root for a pregnant Olivia to find happiness with someone to love her child too.

Overall, a cute romance story not without the obstacles to find a happy ending.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Cover Reveal: Forever My Soldier by Alison Mello


Forever My Soldier
Alison Mello
(Love Conquers Life #3)
Published by: Limitless Publishing
Publication date: August 9th 2016
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

All Patricia Fitzgerald wants is to live happily ever after with her soldier…

With their relationship finally out in the open, and Carter on the fast track to recovery, Patty spends Black Friday helping him with his charity event. Their attempt to spread Christmas cheer is interrupted, though, when Patty’s ex-boyfriend Ben, who has been harassing her for months, shows up. Fearing for Patty’s life, one of the men on the protection detail springs into action.

Patty finally thinks her worries are over, but the media won’t leave her alone…

The press is everywhere. Patty wants to move on with her life, but they’re relentless in their badgering about the circumstances surrounding Ben. If that isn’t enough stress to endure, someone spikes Patty’s drink during a New Year’s Eve event, and it isn’t her meddling ex. Luckily, Carter is there to save her when she collapses, but this constant threat to her life isn’t going away.

Planning a wedding becomes tedious instead of fun when you’re constantly looking over your shoulder…

A cake tasting is supposed to be one of those days as a future bride when you get to sit back and take a break from the chaos of planning the ceremony. Someone new is out there, though, and they aren’t happy with how Patty handled Ben and her newfound fame in the press. Can Carter manage to keep his fiancé safe long enough to put their ordeal with Ben behind them for good and finally become…

…forever her soldier?

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Author Bio:

Alison Mello is a wife and stay at home mom to a wonderful little boy. She lives with her amazing family in Massachusetts. She loves playing soccer, basketball and football with her son.

After having her son, Alison started reading again and fell in love with Contemporary Romance. Reading made her happy and gave her something to do when she had downtime. As she started to read more, she started to noticed things she really enjoyed in a book and things she didn’t. She began to have ideas for writing one of her own. One day she literally woke up and started writing. She realized that if there was ever a time for her to write, it was now. She had a part time job to give her something to do. The hours at work were slow and she was bored with what she was doing, so while her son was off enjoying his friends over summer vacation she got started.

Alison finished the first book in two weeks and decided that she really enjoyed writing, so she kept going. She already had ideas in mind for books two and three, so she kept writing. That is how the Learning to Love Series was born. Somewhere along the line, one of my Beta readers convinced me that Michael, a character from Finding Love, needed his own story. That is when Alison added the fourth and final book. Alison hopes you enjoy her books as much as she enjoyed writing them.

She’s so glad she started this writing journey and hopes you will stay with her for the ride. Chasing Dreams is scheduled to release in April and the first two books of the Love Conquers Life series will be out this summer!

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Copper Veins by Jennifer Allis Provost blitz with giveaway


Copper Veins
Jennifer Allis Provost
(Copper Legacy #3)
Publication date: July 26th 2016
Genres: New Adult, Urban Fantasy

Sara’s pretty sure her life is perfect.

Not only are she and Micah finally married, her father, who’d been missing since the Magic Wars, has been found. Actually, he just strode up to the manor’s front door, but whatever. Sara knows better than to look a gift horse in the mouth.

But Baudoin Corbeau isn’t content to return to family life. He’s decided that he will be the force of change in the Mundane world, and lead the Elemental resistance to victory with his children at his side. What’s worse, Baudoin doesn’t approve of Sara’s marriage, and makes every attempt to separate her from Micah.

After a visit to the Mundane realm leaves Sara, Max and Sadie imprisoned by the Peacekeepers, Sara’s doubts creep to the surface. Is her father right? Does she belong in the Mundane realm, not the Otherworld? Is Micah really the right man–make that elf–for her?

Was marrying him a mistake?

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Previous books in the series:

16193519 18812985


We walked all the way back to the manor instead of traveling by the much faster metal pathways. While he didn’t say as much, I understood that Micah wanted the extra time to clear his head, and I was content to while away the rest of the morning with him. “I’m still a bit… grumpy about being cheated out of our wedding night,” I muttered as we walked.

“Grumpy?” Micah repeated. We’d stopped beside a stream to relax and splash some cool water on our faces. “That is not quite the word I would have chosen.”

“Really?” I’d found a stubby branch, and was doodling in the mud while I sat on a rock, my back to the water. “And what word would you choose, General Silverstrand?”

“Hush. I have not filled that role for a long, long time.” He leaned over and nuzzled the soft spot behind my ear. “Lonely. Bereft. Frustrated. Unmarried.”

“Micah, it’s only been one night.”

“Yes, but until our marriage is consummated, we are not as one. The officiant said as much during our ritual.”

I recalled the actual words of the ceremony—at the time, I’d been too elated to dissect their meaning, but Corporal Rawson had said, “And once you know her as your wife, you are forever joined as one.” I hadn’t realized that that was what they meant, but I suppose it made sense. At least it was an easier requirement than babies.

“Are all marriages like that?” I asked. I felt Micah’s mouth curl into a smile.

“I don’t know. I have only been married once.” He nipped at my ear and added, “As for this marriage, I know that I must lie with you to seal our vows.”

“Well,” I murmured, stretching my neck for more kisses, “I guess we’d better get on that.”

“I agree.” Micah leaned forward to kiss me on the mouth, but he halted when he saw the result of my mud doodles. I had stabbed and slashed at the ground until it looked like a rabid buffalo had churned up the soil. “Sara, what is troubling you?”

Normally, I would have denied any troubles in favor of more kissing, but that’s pretty hard to do when the evidence is right in front of you. “Do… do you think it’s weird that Dad just showed up? I mean, we’ve been looking for him forever, and he just walks right up to the front door?”

Micah pursed his lips, taking a deep breath before he replied. “Weird? Perhaps. However, your father’s return is an unprecedented turn of good fortune. And on our wedding day, no less.”

“I love it when you say that.”


“‘Our wedding day.’”

Micah took the stick from me and pulled me to my feet. “Soon, I will be telling you about our wedding night.” He tossed the stick into the stream and tugged me back

toward the road and the manor. “Come, my love, my wife, and let me bring you home.”

Author Bio:

Jennifer Allis Provost writes books about faeries, orcs and elves. Zombies too. She grew up in the wilds of Western Massachusetts and had read every book in the local library by age twelve. (It was a small library). An early love of mythology and folklore led to her epic fantasy series, The Chronicles of Parthalan, and her day job as a cubicle monkey helped shape her urban fantasy, Copper Girl. When she’s not writing about things that go bump in the night (and sometimes during the day) she’s working on her MFA in Creative Nonfiction.

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Sweetness by Sierra Hill blitz with giveaway


Sierra Hill
Publication date: July 26th 2016
Genres: New Adult, Romance

I’m the girl from the school of hard knocks.

Nothing has ever come easy for me. So forgive me if I’m a bit reluctant about Kincaid Griffin – born-with-a-silver-spoon in his mouth, conceited college hoops player. A guy who could get any girl he wants, and yet, is suddenly everywhere I am trying to woo me. The more I protest, the more persistent he becomes.

I’m a lucky bastard.

Let’s face it. As a college athlete, I don’t chase girls – they come to me. I’m as arrogant and cocky as they come, getting nearly everything I want, whenever I want. But there is nothing sweeter than a girl who plays hard to get. And Ainsley Locker is so full of confidence that she knocks me off my feet from the moment I meet her. She’s a challenge. And I like challenges. So I go full-court press to win her over.

But when a stupid mistake turns viral, slam dunking all over my life in a media frenzy, my spot on the team may be in jeopardy, along with my shot at winning the girl.

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Author Bio:

Sierra Hill wrote her first full-length romance after a corporate acquisition led her to a stint of unemployment. Since self-publishing her first book in 2014, she’s found her creative passion, writing about the fictional characters that live in her brain, who constantly shout for their own love stories to be told.

Sierra frequently indulges in what some might consider to be an unhealthy dose of reading, dark chocolate goodies, and way too much coffee. She hates cold weather, and frequently finds herself traveling around the country to see her favorite live musicians in concert.

Sierra resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband of twenty years and her long-haired, German Shepherd. She is currently working on her next book.

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Cover Reveal: If I Could Do It Again by Ashley Stoyanoff


If I Could Do It Again
Ashley Stoyanoff
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense

Romance novelist Victoria Clarke seems to have it all: adoring husband, successful career, beautiful home. At least that’s what outsiders think.

In reality, her husband is emotionally abusive, and their marriage is falling apart. Victoria is miserable but suffers in silence until she encounters the charming Joshua Larson while researching a new book.

She meets him in the most unconventional way—through a prisoner pen-pal website. Though Victoria is hesitant at first, she’s drawn to this intriguing, misunderstood man. He was charged with murder for his part in a bar fight, implicated for wearing the colors of his motorcycle club. She believes him when he says it was self-defense.

The two exchange letters and then talk on the phone. Joshua gives Victoria everything she’s been missing—support, confidence, affection, and passion.

Victoria can’t help but ponder a new life, leaving her awful husband and Canada behind for her new friend in the United States. After all, Joshua will be free in four years, and she’s beginning to believe that he’s the love of her life.

If she takes a leap of faith, will Joshua turn out to be her soul mate, or is he hiding something sinister?

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Author Bio:

Ashley Stoyanoff is a romance author for young adult and new adult readers. Stoyanoff published her first novel, The Soul’s Mark: FOUND, in 2012. She has been the winner of two Royal Dragonfly Book Awards in the categories of young adult and newbie fiction. When she’s not writing, she most likely has her nose stuck in a book or is

at the mall buying far too many clothes. You can visit her at

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